You may follow a regimen designed to lose fat (including belly fat). But, it’s also necessary to avoid things that increases fat. First of all, drinking sugar sweetened beverages don’t satisfy appetite. Rather, they cause you to eat more and gain fat.

Next, fruit juice has similar effects. Most of all, fruit juice gives the impression that it’s good for you. However, the large quantity of sugar in the juice increases belly fat and fat in general.

Also, diets low in fiber prevent the body from getting the benefits of fiber. As a result, these low fiber diets increase fat and result in weight gain.

Next, low-protein diets don’t make you feel full and satisfied. Consequently, you eat more which causes you to gain weight and fat.

And eating food containing trans-fat results in inflammation. Most of all, inflammation causes insulin resistance and diseases. Furthermore, insulin resistance results in increased fat and weight.

In addition, while moderate amount of red wine is good for you, excess alcohol leads to inflammation and liver disease. Furthermore, studies have shown alcohol suppresses fat burning while the calories in alcohol get partly stored as belly fat.

Finally, other things to avoid include staying inactive, not getting adequate sleep, and not addressing stressful situations.

Having listed things to avoid, the infographic below show the things to do to lose belly fat as well as fat in general to make you look good.

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