We all want to age gracefully and maintain an effervescent, healthy appearance, but it can be difficult to keep up with a demanding skin care regimen, especially if your days are always crammed with work duties, familial commitments, and other taxing obligations.

Thus, to help you feel more beautiful and confident, this concise report will clarify how you can take 10 years off of your visage in a quick, cost-effective, and non-intrusive fashion.

Revitalising Your Skin without Any Surgical Procedures

If you’d like to smooth out your wrinkles, reduce sagging, augment your skin’s texture, and instil a younger looking facial silhouette, you have to kick start your body’s natural curative capabilities – it’s not enough to simply purchase some new creams and unguents.

In this regard, you might want to consider photographic facial rejuvenation in Perth:

  • The seemingly complex process is actually quite straightforward. It involves aiming a unique channel of flashing light directly at your face, which effectively stimulates your body’s sub-dermal functions.
  • The pulsated light waves basically encourage your body to start properly regulating melanin, haemoglobin, collagen, and the other complex cellular entities that comprise your complexion.
  • The light-based activation process initiates a wholly natural smoothening of your wrinkles, a reduction in reddish blemishes, and the assuagement of discoloured patches. There are no incisions, sutures, dressings, or pills to speak of.
  • Approximately seven out of every 10 photofacial recipients also experience a substantial decrease in the depth of wrinkles, the intensity of vascular lesions, and the symptoms of rosacea.

After a few hours of recovering from pinkish, slightly rose-tinted skin, the pigmented areas of your face will begin to lighten or simply flake off after several days.

Enhancing Your In-Home Routine

After you complete your first photofacial, you’ll want to capitalise on the treatment by improving your day-to-day skin care regimen:

  • Always wear sunscreen when venturing outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Ideally, you should obtain SPF 30 or higher to ensure proper UV protection.
  • The best time of day to apply natural moisturisers is right before bedtime, because the human body repairs cells during deep REM sleep. Pure Aloe Vera is a fantastic option.
  • Avoid scrubbing and washing your face multiple times per day, as this will dehydrate your skin and cause you to lose the beneficial oils in your epidermis.
  • Increase your intake of vitamin C to bolster your skin’s defensive functions, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to encourage the proliferation of antioxidants – free radicals are particularly harmful to your skin.

All it takes is a few weeks of concerted effort and persistence to regenerate your appearance, which is why so many Australians are beginning to work hand-in-hand with their dermatologists to finally exorcise the scourge of substandard skin, so feel free to head over to the webpage of your local dermatological clinic at your earliest convenience.

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