Fecundity consciousness is the additional term for Natural Family Planning birth control method. NFP do not include any medicine or devices to avoid pregnancies. It mostly uses the natural functions of the body like as the menstrual cycle to analyze ovulation and body temperature. To effectively apply this method, NFP prohibits any sexual act in a particular period of time. For more visit くすりエクスプレス

Barrier Device

Barrier sort of birth controls contain devices to avoid the sperm from come into the woman’s uterus. Below are its kinds.

  1. Male Condom: A condom is a latex rubber that is utilizes to roll over a penis earlier than any sexual activity. This method will include the sperm from come into the female’s uterus. Failure rate is 16 percent. For more visit ベストケンコー.
  2. Female Condom: Female condom is a 7 inch long pouch of polyurethane along with two rings and is put into the vagina earlier than sexual activity. It completely covers up the surrounding substance, vaginal canal and the region round the vagina.
  3. Spermicides: These methods are considered to slay the sperm and frequently in the type of foam, jelly and foaming pills and vaginal suppositories.
  4. Diaphragm: This method is a smooth rubber roof which is expanded above a plastic ring. The roof includes a spermicidal cream or jelly which is put in inside the vagina’s cervix for a particular time earlier than sexual activity.
  5. Cervical Cap: This method is a little cup of later rubber or plastic which is as well packed with spermicidal cream or jelly. This plastic rubber is then put in inside the vagina’s cervix.
  6. Contraceptive Sponge: It is a smooth saucer-shaped method.

Hormonal Methods

A hormonal birth control process contains drugs like as pills, patch, shot, ring or implants. It avoids the woman’s ovaries from letting go an egg in its monthly rotation. This method will congeal the cervical mucus constructing it hard for the sperm to arrive and diffuse the egg. These processes do not give any safety against any transmission of sexually transmitted illness. For more visit ユニドラ.

Sorts of Hormonal methods:

  • Tablets
  • Vaginal Ring
  • Depo-Provera
  • Lunelle
  • Intra-Uterine Device
  • Birth Control Patch
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