Pterostilbene is considered a natural dietary supplement and the essential antioxidant compound of blueberries. This compound has augmented bioavailability compared to other Stilbene compounds that might improve its nutritional benefits and contribute to a significant clinical effect. Many studies have confirmed the antioxidant activities of this compound in both in vivo and in vitro models demonstrating both therapeutic and preventative benefits. The antioxidant activities of this medication have been concerned in anticarcinogenic and modulation of anti-inflammation, neurological disease, amelioration of diabetes, and attenuation of vascular disease. The multiple advantages of this compound in the treatment and deterrence of human diseases have been accredited to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticarcinogenic properties, thus resulting in the augmented functioning of healthy cells.

Pterostilbene benefits include improvement of your heart, brain, and immune system function. As it doesn’t contain toxicity levels, it is an excellent supplement for using. This compound is found in considerable quantities in grape leaves, vines, almonds, and blueberries. It has close resemblances to Resveratrol, which is a chemical present in wine. Currently, studies proved that this compound is more effective and a better version than resveratrol as the human body can quickly absorb it. People take this compound to lessen glucose and cholesterol levels, for getting improved cognition and augmented insulin sensitivity.


  • Improves brain function – This compound lessens the impacts of glutamate-causing injuries in the brain cells.
  • Reduces blood sugar – When tested on hamsters suffering from high cholesterol, this medication lowered blood glucose.
  • Has anti-cancer properties – This medication decreases cell reproduction and increases cell death. Additionally, it hinders the growth of blood vessels, that play a vital role in cancer cell movement and tumor growth.
  • Does benefit the heart and muscular system – This compound aids in the restriction of blood reperfusion injuries by the activation of a specific pathway connected in injury response. When provided with this medication, it lowered the blood pressure in adults.
  • Helps you shed weight – This medication helped middle-aged patients, who weren’t on cholesterol medicine, lose weight. However, when this supplement was taken combined with GSE, then no weight loss impacts were seen.
  • Has anti-inflammatory effect – The corneal epithelial cells of the humans had less stress and inflammation when they were exposed to this medication?
  • Might lengthen your lifespan – The oxidative stress in cells is capable of causing aging along with other disorders linked to old age. The low dosages of this compound can lessen cognitive and lower cellular stress.

Appropriate dosages

The Pterostilbene benefits are many and even a low dosage of this compound has advantages when the matter comes to combating oxidative stress. In the majority of the human studies, the dosages of nearly 200-700mg or lesser than this are generally taken. A small dosage of 10mg too has some benefits, but a dosage above 200mg fetches the maximum effects. Until and unless your physician doesn’t advice you to take a different dosage of this compound, you must follow the below-mentioned dosing levels:

  • When you weigh under or nearly 150 pounds, you must take 215-430 mg daily.
  • When you weigh almost 200 pounds, then your intake should be between 290 and 430 mg daily
  • Again, when you are over 250 pounds, then your appropriate dosages would be between 365 and 750 mg every day.
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