The more you do cardiovascular exercises, the healthier for you, but that is only not the thing which will add to your daily routine; the main thing is that your nutrition and your training routine will get revised. Getting back to shape is a complicated process,and you need to follow your routine very closely.

What is a Cut?

Some people don’t understand what is cutting and bulking and some people are confused about both these terms.

  • Bulking: By this process, one builds their muscle by increasing the intake of calorie.
  • Cutting: While trying to bulk your muscle, you accumulate fat in your body; therefore, you reduce the intake of calorie such that the body gets caloric deficit for a period.

Following are some guidelines to cut:

  • Length of cutting: The period for which you will reduce calorie intake depends on how much fat you want to lose,but you don’t want to lose the muscle you built after hard works, so be careful with the cut. Here are some timelines:
  • 5 pounds or lesser: Four to six weeks
  • 10 pounds or lesser: Six to twelve weeks
  • 20 pounds or even more: Twenty to twenty-four weeks

There is also a general guide to cutting, to get into your goal of losing weight, lose body fat one pound per week.

  • Nutrition at the time of cut: To reach your goal weight with a reduction of 1 pound fat per week, you need to make your body fat deficit. This can be donein two ways. One way is that by reducing your caloric intake and the other way is by adding more cardio training. You can also do both. The thing you need to know before you start cutting is that how many calories you should consume to maintain your weight. Please visit onthegofitnesspro for more details
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