Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone. It controls many functions inside a man’s body like regulation of libido, sperm production, strength development, fat distribution, muscle mass, and bone mass. Testosterone belongs to a class of hormones in males called androgens. Women have very low levels of testosterone but if the level increases it can result in various hormonal imbalances and other health issues like masculine nature and excessive hair growth. In case of low testosterone, men usually use testosterone supplements which are completely safe medication. Check this testosterone supplement http://www.testosteronesite.com/review/testogen/

Testosterone regulates many things in a man’s body and here are a few among them:

Endocrine system

The endocrine system regulates the hormones in the body. Testosterone work on a male baby’s body even before it’s born and helps in the formation of the male reproductive system. During puberty, testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for all the changes that happen in a male’s body like hair growth and deeper voice.

Reproductive system

As a boy hits puberty, his testicles and penis grow and the sperm production starts. This happens due to the influence of testosterone. People with low level of testosterone suffer from fertility issues. Low testosterone can mess up the sperm quality and sperm count in males which can lower their chances of getting a woman pregnant. However, this issue can be treated with the help of supplements and other medication recommended by a doctor.

Sex drive

Testosterone not only encourages the development of testicles, penis, and sperm, it also helps in the regulation of sex drive. Sexual desires will be low in a person who doesn’t have a healthy production of testosterone in their body. This can lead to long-term no sex drive situation and issues with erection.

Central nervous system

Testosterone controls certain moods and behaviors of a man. Emotions like aggression and dominance are mainly backed up by testosterone and that’s what gives a man, his manly behavioral qualities. Testosterone can affect the confidence and competitive spirit of a man. A person’s testosterone levels will increase during sexual activity which will, later on, boost his self-confidence and motivation.

Skin and hair

During puberty, a boy turns into a man and one of the most visible traits that appear on the body is excessive growth of hair. The manly hair can grow in the groin area, face, and all over the body. People who have low levels of testosterone may not have enough of body hair or they might lose body hair and the thickness of their beard as time passes.

Muscles and bones

People with higher testosterone levels can perform better physically and they can easily build their bodies in the gym. This is because testosterone encourages neurotransmitters that are responsible for tissue building. As a result of this, men gain bulky weight and muscles.

Circulatory system

Testosterone encourages or spurs the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. Some studies suggest that testosterone have a positive effect on the health of the heart.

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