Hair loss does not happen all of a sudden. It happens gradually over time. Sometimes it can be barely noticeable, and at other times there will be clear cut signs.

You need to watch out for the signs so that you can be proactive and get some help when you need it.

There are a few tell-tale signs that you are losing your hair.

  • There Is A Lot Of Hair In The Plug Hole
  • There Is A Large Amount Of Hair On Your Pillow
  • You Think Your Hair Feels Thinner Than Usual
  • You Notice Bald Spots On Your Hairline
  • The Hair Feels Extremely Brittle

The signs of hair loss might occur in isolation or there could be a combination of symptoms. A hair clinic helping women with hair loss in Belfast can help you to regain your confidence with one of the several approaches that they will take.

Preliminary Meeting

The hair clinic will hold a preliminary meeting with you. They will ask you about how long you have been experiencing hair loss. They will also ask you for some more background information. Once this preliminary meeting has taken place, they will then decide on the next course of action.

Installing Hair Extensions

The hair clinic will make sure that they show you a wide range of hair extensions. It is important that the extensions are going to match your hair colour. You can select hair extensions with highlights because this will help to give your hair a very distinctive look. The hair extensions are extremely versatile because they can be styled in lots of different ways.

  • The Impact Of The Hair Extensions – The hair extensions are going to hide all evidence that you have been experiencing hair loss. They will be extremely easy to wash and to dry in the morning because they will be exactly like your existing hair. People will be unaware that you have had any problems at all. New hair extensions can be installed when you want a change of style.
  • The Cost Of Hair Extensions – hair extensions are not going to cost you a large amount of money. This kind of treatment can be provided at a very reasonable price.

Installing A Hair Enhancer

A hair enhancer is different to hair extensions. The enhancer will sit on the scalp and hair is woven through the mesh. The hair can then be cut and styled into a completely new hairdo that you will be extremely proud of.

  • The Impact Of A Hair Enhancer – Because the enhancer is installed on the scalp, the hair is going to look completely natural. The hair will be put in place so that it covers the mesh totally. Then you will be able to carry on.
  • The Cost Of A Hair Enhancer – The hair enhancer is very cost effective.


There are several warning signs which tell you that your hair is falling out. You can get the help that you need from the hair care professionals and stylists at a hair loss clinic.

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