Trenbolone is a strong anabolic androgenic supplement which is five times stronger than Testosterone in both anabolic and androgenic traits. This synthetic version is a prescription-only drug and not recommended for human usage. Trenbolone is being a growth promoter used in the veterinary sector to bulk up the cattle. The effect impacted athletes and bodybuilders and this drug never failed to produce muscle gain, fat loss, and boosting metabolism in the body.

The three typical forms of Trenbolone are Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Trenbolone acetate, and Trenbolone Enanthate. The various forms of Trenbolone are available in the underground labs and the black market. But the standard is questionable. Trenbolone acetate is prepared from the cattle pellets and which is not manufactured under a sterile atmosphere. So, taking such kinds of pills will seriously affect the health.

Trenbolone dosage & effects:

The common dosage of Trenbolone is 75-100 mg. The users are advised to administer Trenbolone either by oral or by intramuscular injection due to its short ester length. People who want to drop weight along with developing lean muscle may go for 100 mg. This excellent fat burner deposits the burn fat in the body while working to form lean muscles in the body. The Food and Drug Administration did not approve the drug for human use. A dosage of 100 mg to 300 mg is the recommended dose limit per week for novice users. This is the most effective and safest dose range for the beginners. Intermediate users should not exceed the Trenbolone dosage 500 mg per week. Eight weeks of Tren cycle is the normal one and some advanced users go until Twelve weeks, which might produce some serious side effects. The common effects of Trenbolone were noted as Testicular atrophy (leads to infertility, decreased libido and sperm reduction), Insomnia, Skin coloration, severe acne, aggressiveness, hair loss, etc. Some users experienced “Treb cough” soon after taking the injection. The effects would be unpleasant for a couple of minutes. Before taking any Trenbolone dosage, weigh the risk and safety measures against temporary benefits.

Trenbolone stacks:

This versatile anabolic drug works extensively well for any purpose say cutting, bulking, lean mass addition, strength gaining. Hard and lean muscle mass gains void water weight. Since Trenbolone does not convert into estrogen, no water retention, a soft bloating look will occur. However, while doing stacking, the estrogenic property of other AAS has to be kept under consideration. It is good to avoid Trenbolone as a standalone as the mass muscle gains are limited in the Trenbolone cycle. Dianabol, Anadrol, and Testosterone stacks are the best choices to improve the expected outcome. For Instance, 50 mg Trenbolone Acetate with 50 mg of Dianabol per day yields better results than 100 mg Trenbolone Acetate or Dianabol Per day as a standalone.

Long-term usage of Trenbolone is highly dangerous as it might affect brain function. To make your physique comfortable, you may choose the legal Trenbolone alternatives which can produce the same results without adverse reaction. However, if you want to attain the benefits of Trenbolone it is always advised to go with the exact Trenbolone acetate dosage of 100 mg 300 mg weekly split into two to three injections, for oral 100-200 mg daily.


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