Not all states in the United States like the sound of kratom. Some may think that it is very dangerous and can affect the overall being of a person. While there are states that have no problem in its legality and will happily support all of those using it because of the benefit that it provides. Unfortunately, there are still some people that think kratom is really a substance made from Hell.

Some of these states are afraid that its users will more likely abuse it and cause harm to themselves and other people. What they don’t know that abusing it might even be more annoying than addicting. Nobody wants to experience nausea and have stomach pains, right? You might also get constipation problems and get diarrhea because of abusing kratom. Who wants that to happen to them? Nobody.

Why are some states so afraid of Kratom?

They say that abusing it may be a problem and they don’t want that. As mentioned above, the side effects of Kratom abuse is not typical and you might hate kratom once you experience these side effects. Some of these bad effects are nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, stomach aches, and so much more. These are not your typical side effects that one would want to have because it affects a person’s life in an annoying way. And recommended dosages are being given in order for these people to not get the side effects.

Which states banned the use of Kratom?

Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Indiana, and Arkansas are some of these states, and they made other states consider banning it also. They are worried that kratom is dangerous and can affect the quality of life of the user. They haven’t considered the benefits of kratom which has done more good than bad. The popularity of kratom is not going down the rubble though because a lot of its users continue to praise is and use it for their chronic pain.

What are the laws of States that continue to legalize it?

These states approve the use of kratom and you don’t have to worry about it being confiscated and you being out to jail. If you have found a trusted seller, they wouldn’t be banned because your law says that any amount is enough depending on your usage.

Do you need a prescription to purchase Kratom?

No. prescription for kratom is not needed whenever you purchase it, so if you are in a state where kratom is not illegal, then you can purchase as much as you want as long as you know your limitations. The side effects can be very annoying and irritating that you might think you want to stop using kratom, which is why a variety of kratom dosages for different strains are recommended once you have already ordered.

Some may say that the states that banned kratom are overreacting, while these states are just saying that they want to make sure that their citizens are safe and won’t abuse it. Nobody is wrong because it depends upon the ones governing that state. Just follow their laws and you are good to go. Anyway, you could still use kratom when you are out of your state.

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