Plastic surgery is one of the most coveted approaches in looking young. In 2017 alone, Americans spent over 8 billion dollars on plastic surgery alone. According to the American society of plastic surgeons, the industry has seen a massive growth between the years 2000 to 2016. With a 132 % growth rate most people would expect that it is inclusive of reconstructive surgeries from injuries, gender confirmation or disease. Well, this is not the case; in fact, the most substantial chunk of yearly growth comes from cosmetic procedures. So what is the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery? Below we will discuss its difference and some of the procedures involved in plastic surgery and their roles.

Most people don’t understand the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. As much as the procedures might seem similar, there are differences. Plastic surgery involves repairing of defects to facilitate normal function and appearance. While cosmetic surgery will involve enhancing appearance. Here are some of the surgeries involved in plastic surgeries.

Breast reconstruction

This procedure usually involves reconstruction of breast among people who have suffered from breast cancer and at one time they had a mastectomy. With the evolution of science, patients can now choose to rebuild their breasts’ shape and size. There are many breast reconstruction surgery options, and they all depend on several factors namely medical and lifestyle history, types of reconstruction procedure, time for reconstruction; either after partial mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Burn repair surgery

This is a procedure that occurs after you have a severe wound which may have arose due to a burn. Your plastic surgeon will have to debride it; that is the removal of dead skin, before performing reconstructive surgery. There are several types of wound treatment options that your surgeon might recommend. They include skin graft, microsurgery, free flap procedure and tissue expansion. If you are looking for more information regarding these procedures, please visit

Congenital repair

This is a technique used to repair hand injuries, birth defects, and degenerative disorders. Hand repair involves injuries to the tendons, nerves, and joints. With modern plastic surgery, doctors can now restore your hand’s appearance and functions. For birth defects such as cleft lips, plastic surgeons may recommend facial surgeries to reconstruct your cleft lip or other defects that arose during birth.

Scar revision surgery

For people who have scars that might have arisen due to injury or burns, they can now have reconstructive surgeries to restore their healthy appearance. This procedure will depend on the type of scar you have; if it is on the surface or it is deeper different procedures will apply.


With the advance of technology and science, plastic surgeons can now easily reconstruct your injuries that might have arisen due to burns, diseases or birth defects. Your surgeon may recommend different procedures depending on the extent of your injuries. Additionally, patients who suffer from breast cancer can now choose when to begin their breast reconstruction surgery.

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