From removing toxins from the bloodstream to making digestive compounds and bile, the human liver has hundreds of functions. No wonder, it is the largest internal organ of the body and can regenerate itself on its own. So, how can you keep your liver healthy? Here are some quick tips at a glance.

Don’t ignore signs of liver disease

Some of the liver conditions are inherited, while others are caused by external factors. Viral infections like Hepatitis A, B and C, can damage the organ considerably, if not checked in time. Similarly, alcohol abuse and other factors also impact the liver. Keep an eye on some of the common symptoms of liver disease, including jaundice, fatigue, constant tiredness, pain in the abdomen, abdominal swelling and unexplained weight loss. Sometimes, it is hard to understand if these symptoms are related to liver damage, because other digestive disorders might be responsible too. Nevertheless, experts like Dr Gurunath Reddy suggest patients to go for regular checkups every year, and if there are any above-mentioned, you should see a doctor immediately.

Focus on your diet

Alcohol is the worst enemy of your liver and should be avoided. Experts and doctors don’t recommend more than one drink for women and more than two drinks for men per day. Just like people react differently to drugs, they may also have different reactions to alcohol. If you have heart disease, diabetes, or are obese, you should avoid alcohol anyway. Checking your food habits is also recommended. Do not have anything that contains saturated fats, and if possible steer clear of refined carbs and limit your intake of sugar and salt.


Obesity can lead to a condition called fatty liver disease, and if not treated in time, this can be serious. Exercise is more than important to prevent the liver conditions related to fat deposits. Even an hour of walking or running should help. A small difference in your weight can make a big difference for the internal organs.

Finally, don’t eat processed foods. Eating right is important for the digestive system. You need to eat fresh foods and veggies, and if you have the choice, go for organic products. Include more berries in your diet, and you will be surprised to know that coffee is actually for the liver. Check with your doctor to know more about liver health, and always seek advice on dos and don’ts.

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