We all tend to think of our doctor first when it comes to professionals who help to keep us healthy. After all, they are on the front line of finding ways to help us stay healthy, take precautions when we might find our health compromised and work with us to cure our illness. But did you know that your dentist is every bit as important when it comes to maintaining a healthy body? We aren’t just referring to the consequences of ignoring our teeth, such as the threat of infections.

In many ways since our mouth is the gateway to our entire body, keeping that mouth along with the teeth and gums in it healthy is key to keeping our entire body healthy. This is why many dentists see their work as far more than simply filling cavities and teaching us how to floss. There are many ways that our family dentist is on the forefront of keeping us healthy beyond what our own doctors may do.

Health Starts Young

Keeping on top of your health is something most of us as adults are aware we need to do, but what about our kids? Do you plan to send your kids to a dentist before they begin pre-school? Many dentists specialize in working with young children, such as Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga in Tennessee. These dentists know how to make your kids feel at home in their dental offices while giving them good healthy tips on taking care of their teeth and gums.

Early Detection for Early Health

By getting your kids into a dentist early they can detect if there are problems with the move from baby teeth to adult teeth and if there are nutritional needs by looking at their gums. In addition, many forms of cancer first show up in our mouths, so dentists are trained to always carefully inspect our mouths before they begin their work. I bet you didn’t know that is why they always look under your tongue when you first sit down in that dentist chair!

Gums and Your Health

Another way that many dentists can see if you have health problems is by checking on the health of your gums. Believe it or not, many types of disease first show signs of developing in your gums and around your teeth. If you have loose teeth or your gums are soft or bleeding when you brush, this could be a sign of something far more important than simply poor dental habits. That is why it is so important to tell your dentist if you are experiencing any of these problems.

Infections Begin Here

While most infections can come from a variety of places, it is important to remember that the mouth is often the gateway to infections that can have a lasting affect on our health. While an ear, nose and throat specialist may in the end be called in to handle infections that spread beyond the mouth, what begins as a simple infected tooth can sometimes lead to hearing loss when left untreated or worse. These are all good reasons to see that dentist regularly.

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