Cosmetic dentistry is altogether an artistic work that demands high skills for enhancing the smiles of individuals. Besides, it also enhances the overall appearance of the mouth and teeth. Though cosmetic dentistry is elective but in certain cases, it supports in the restoration process. For example- if you had to undergo an extraction process, then consider doing implant dentaire prix which is the ultimate and the permanent solution of the gap caused on your gum. Implants have a crucial role to play in improving the smile and the overall facial expression as well help in chewing food.

Let’s have a quick look at the 4different types of cosmetic dentistry

 Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are popular cosmetic dentistry. If you’re wondering to enhance your smile then repair the chipped tooth now. Inlays and overlays are indirect filling that is mainly done on the chipped and decayed tooth. Instead of extracting the whole tooth- the dentists offer this solution to give it a shape of a new tooth. The inlays and overlays are made in a laboratory with composite resin which is attached to the teeth with some dental adhesive. They’re highly effective in supporting the teeth from decay. It’s the greatest form of tooth restoration and applied for strengthening the teeth.


Dental implant is an ideal solution to have permanent teeth. You can easily, get it done at the place of an extracted tooth. The implants are drilled inside the gums that are mainly made of titanium or aluminum. It works as a root for the crowning which is placed later on to give it a perfect shape of a tooth.

Composite bonding

It’s an incredible way to drill out the decay formed inside the tooth and later on fill it up with composites so that any food particle shouldn’t get stuck inside the tooth. Besides, the withered portion of the tooth will destroy your smile. That’s why, the composite is used for filling the holes or the chips caused by the drilling or you can say the restoration process.

Teeth whitening

You can visit a dentist for cleaning off the dark stain marks or the yellowish tint formed on your teeth because of regular smoking, excessive caffeine intake, alcohol consumption and of course with aging. If you want to have the bright new smile, you need whitened teeth and for that you need the professional cleaning and teeth whitening process which is mainly done by some chemicals.

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